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Leather Hide
Leather Hide
Weight: 0.2

Leather Hide is a raw resource.


Leather Hide can be obtained harvesting may low-level Animals throughout Celador. As a rule of thumb, anything that can be found in the real world, such as rats, bears, and spiders yield Leather Hide when using the Harvest option (with a Hunting Knife).


Leather Hide is used on a Loom using the Fabrication skill to craft Leather at a Loom. 1 Leather Hide will create 3 Leather and requires a minimum Fabrication skill of 25.


You can harvest Leather Hides from the following creatures:

Creature Quantity
Lizardman 2
Lizardman Mage 2
Horse 2
Black Bear 1
Brown Bear 2
Coyote 1
Crocodile 4
Fox 1
Hobgoblin 2
Great Hart 2
Grizzly Bear 2
Hell Hound 3
Hind 1
Imp 1
Inflamed Imp 2
Greater Imp 2
Lurker 1
Giant Rat 1
Large Spider 2
Warg 3
Elk 2
Wolf 1
Black Wolf 1
Gray Wolf 1
Desert Wolf 1