Legends of Aria Wiki

As a wiki there might be some pages that don't meet Legends of Aria Wiki standards. If an article is believed to not suit the Wiki's standards, users may flag the article for Deletion. If a page is flagged, we encourage users to participate in a discussion as to whether the page should be deleted or kept within its respective Talk page. If a course of action is unclear (wherein the contents of an article could be moved, merged, kept), the candidate for deletion will be voted within its Talk page to reach a decision. After some time, an administrator will decide which action should be taken based on the voting results and their own judgement.

Below are some suggested voting actions when a page is flagged for deletion.


Delete - Support the deletion of the page.
Neutral - Unsure of what should come of the page.
Keep - Believe we should keep the page.
Merge - Believe the page could be merged with a larger, but related page.