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Lockpicking is the skill of unlocking special chests. These locked chests can be found all over Celador and contain a variety of goodies inside. Players may find chests in towns, dungeons, and in treasure hunts. A master lockpick can open any locked chest and obtain the valuables inside.

To pick locks, a player must first obtain lockpicks. Lockpicks can be bought from Tinkerer shops in most towns. Lockpicks may also be crafted by (or obtained from) blacksmiths. As long as the locked chests are not part of a player's plot, any chest marked as "Locked" in red text can be unlocked.

Once a player has obtained some lockpicks, players can begin lockpicking by activating the lockpicks item in their inventory and then clicking on a locked chest. The player character will then perform an interruptible lockpicking animation with an accompanying timer. Movement next to the chest will cancel the timer. At the end of the timer, a check to see if the character successfully picked the lock will be made. If the character succeeded, the chest will open and can be freely looted. If the character fails, the player must attempt to pick the lock again. If the player character is not skilled enough for the chest, the game will notify the player with a message saying "No chance to pick this lock."

Lockpicking skill points are earned whenever the player attempts to pick a lock. "Skill ups" occur regardless of whether the player character was successful in picking the lock. Lockpicks have a durability of 10 and will eventually wear out after extended use.

Loot[ | ]

Locked chests nearly always contain gold coins, usually between 10 and 50. Occasionally, an unlocked chest will be completely empty, but it is rare.

In addition to gold coins, they commonly contain a bandage, and may also contain a tool (Hunting Knife, Cooking Pot, or Shovel) and/or a reagent (Ginseng, Lemon Grass, Moss, or Mushroom). Dungeon chests often contain additional items.

List of pickable chests[ | ]

Chest Lockpicking level
Level 1 chest Beginner

(Tattered SOS)

(Tattered Map)

1 - 40.1

Level 2 chest Novice

(Soaked SOS)

(Frayed Map)

10.1 - 50.1

Level3Chest Apprentice

(Weathered SOS)

(Fancy Map)

30.1 - 79.3+?

Master Level Chest Journeyman

(Rum-Stained SOS)

(Ornate Map)

50.1 - 90.1

Export Chest Master

(Shell-Encrusted SOS)

(Devious Map)


additional testing is needed to confirm the skill required for each tier chest.

Exceptions[ | ]

Small Bandit camps

Treasure chests at small bandit camps cannot be picked. Attempting to pick the lock results in a "Cannot pick that lock" message. One of the bandits will be carrying a single-use key to unlock the chest.

Player Crafted Lockboxes
Crafted lockbox

It currently does not appear that carpentry crafted "Lockbox" will be part of lockpicking. Players may lock them but when attempting to pick them from within the backpack a player receives a message "cannot reach that." When placed on the ground or locked down in a house they still do not work "you can't pick that."

Chest Locations in Towns[ | ]

Below is a list of locked chests found towns and outposts. These chests are generally in safe locations and allow for skill training opportunities which will not put a character in danger. The chests in Oasis and Black Forest Outpost are safe, but the path between the mage tower and town does require a trek through the Wilderness.

Note: Keep in mind that locked chests will "respawn" every 10 - 30 minutes. These chests can, however, get stuck and stop "respawning". With this respawn timer and the possibility of breaking a chest in mind, it's better to travel around town and from town to town than to stick to one chest.
Town Chest Level Notes Location (X,Y)
Trinit (1) Beginner In the Fabricator's house 536.39, -222.16
Pyros' Landing (1) Beginner In the house just outside the east gate -2603.04, -2249.22
Pyros' Landing (1) Beginner 2 chests, In the house between the cotton field and the magetower -2716.74, -2115.65
Pyros' Landing (2) Novice In a house, due south of the magetower -2642.50, -2155.24
Pyros' Landing (2) Novice In the house just outside the east gate -2609.44, -2250.51
Pyros' Landing (2) Novice North chest in the Inn -2825.23, -2196.99
Pyros' Landing (2) Novice South chest in the Inn -2825.82, -2203.40
Pyros' Landing (2) Novice Near Tidus the Fisher -2813.61, -2275.09
Pyros' Landing (2) Novice South West of the Guild Master's House, near the hired merchants -2714.83, -2306.12
Pyros' Landing (2) Novice House in the cotton field -2772.06, -2128.88
Pyros' Landing (3) Apprentice On the dock between the ships, beside a Guard -2781.23, -2272.88
Pyros' Landing (3) Apprentice In the house behind the trader (General Store) -2761.18, -2217.69
Pyros' Landing (3) Apprentice In the Guild Master's house -2683.16, -2297.28
Pyros' Landing (4) Journeyman In the Guild Master's House -2685.05, -2297.28
Pyros' Landing (4) Journeyman Behind the Banker -2828.58, -2227.94
Pyros' Landing (5) Master Behind the Banker -2828.58, -2227.94
Valus (1) Beginner 2 chests in the inn 868.57, -1099.36
Valus (2) Novice Chest in the inn, Lower 866.76, -1107.92
Valus (2) Novice Chest in the inn, Upper 872.19, -1098.33
Valus (3) Apprentice in the inn 872.55, -1107.97
Valus (3) Apprentice Beside the forge 801.11, -1200.31
Valus (5) Master The Roof behind the Banker 779.82, -1150.63
Eldeir Village (1) Beginner Behind a pile near Wallace (rogue trainer) 324.54, 959.33
Eldeir Village (1) Beginner In the house with Zigmund (mage trainer) 283.26, 838.50
Eldeir Village (1) Beginner Inside the metalsmith's house 256.90, 932.15
Eldeir Village (2) Novice Near the hired merchants 325.86, 943.20
Eldeir Village (2) Novice Outside the metalsmith's house, behind the forge 260.69, 934.76
Eldeir Village (2) Novice In the house beside the cotton field 241.36, 908.32
Eldeir Village (2) Novice In the inn, East bedroom 238.37, 876.50
Eldeir Village (2) Novice In the inn, West bedroom 232.89, 876.50
Eldeir Village (2) Novice In the house with Zigmund (mage trainer) 283.26, 853.17
Eldeir Village (3) Apprentice Behind Colt (Scribe) 301.65, 937.90
Eldeir Village (5) Master Behind the Banker's wagon 257.00, 885.52
Helm (1) Beginner In the Inn 2796.71, 741.39
Helm (1) Beginner Edwin, Tinkerer's House 2729.47, 701.10
Helm (1) Beginner Jeremy, Guildleader's House (near bank), south room 2749.64, 744.44
Helm (2) Novice Michael, near the chef's cart 2757.22, 806.47
Helm (2) Novice Jeremy, Guildleader's House (near bank, north room 2754.74, 757.44
Helm (2) Novice Crafter's Guild (worksite, North edge of town; unmarked on the map) 2892.44, 887.25
Helm (3) Apprentice In the Inn 2793.32, 744.43
Helm (3) Apprentice Adam, Metalsmith's Tent 2727.04, 751.90
Helm (3) Apprentice House near Tannick, Priest of Tethys 2845.76, 746.73
Helm (5) Master House near Tannick, Priest of Tethys 2842.74, 740.27
Oasis (4) Journeyman Tower beside Jonah the trader. Bugged (can be picked but not looted) -2280.28, -790.88
Oasis (2) Novice Inside the tower beside Robert the fabricator -2345.40, -827.49
Black Forest Outpost (1) Beginner On the highest tier, next to a stack of barrels 2120.09, -365.66
Black Forest Outpost (2) Novice On the highest tier, in a hut 2116.09, -353.45
Black Forest Outpost (2) Novice On the highest tier, across from Bruce the Metalsmith (Bugged: not lootable) 2221.14, -415.19
Black Forest Outpost (3) Apprentice Beside Ross the Fabricator 2208.00, -342.83
Black Forest Outpost (3) Apprentice Inside the hut beside Issac the Woodsmith 2162.47, -326.08
Black Forest Outpost (3) Apprentice On the highest tier, across from Bruce the Metalsmith (Bugged: not lootable) 2221.14, -415.19
Black Forest Outpost (5) Master Inside the hut beside Issac the Woodsmith 2162.47, -326.08

Tips[ | ]

(This section might be remade in the future.)

  • Keep in mind you can also skill up off the appropriate level Sunken Treasure Chest from fishing maps. This is particularly useful at 60-70 range.
  • If you pick a chest that you "barely have a chance of picking" (only having a few decimal skill points above the skill guidelines, i.e. 50.1 for a Journeyman chest) then you can get multiple skill gains from a single chest. This is due to the fact that skill points are awarded by action and not just by success.
  • If you can gain from a chest while treasure hunting, attempt to lure the spawn away and come back to pick the chest before killing the spawn. When the last guardian dies, the chest automatically unlocks and you can no longer attempt to pick it.

NPC Trainers[ | ]

The following NPCs can train your lockpicking skill to 30 for 300 Gold: