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The loyalty program rewards players with points for referrals, participating in events, and helping with specific bug issues. Points can be redeemed in-game for exclusive rewards.


Players have a unique referral link in their Dashboard that can be shared with others. For every pledge made using the referral link, players will earn 250 loyalty reward points for their account.

Loyalty points[]

Loyalty points are bound to a player's account which means they can be redeemed on any character on an official server. They will also be completely refunded in the rare case of a server wipe during development. This means the points earned now will reward players in full alpha and even release.


Loyalty reward hats.

The list of items available with loyalty points is small now, but will grow over time. When logged into an official server, players can use the /loyalty command to see the list of items. The first set of items were vanity hats.

Item Points
Unicorn Horn 100
Flower Hat 100
Cat Ears 500
Devil Horns 1000
Halo 2500
Starry Mage Hat 5000