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Lumberjack is a trade skill and allows the cutting of trees to harvest usable wood using a hatchet. The higher the skill, the better wood that can be harvested.

Resources can be further processed using Carpentry.

You will harvest 0-2 wood each time, depending on your Lumberjack skill level compared to the difficulty of the tree being harvested.

Harvest-able resources[ | ]

Item Skill level Sample Trees Comments Screenshot
Wood 0/60

Typical Wood Trees

Normal looking trees & pines (small/normal/tall).

Found anywhere in Celador.

Provides Lumberjacking skill points until 60.0.

Chopped wood

Chopped Wood

Ash 35/90

Samples of Ash Trees

Found anywhere in Celador.

Small/normal/tall trees & pines with orange/brown leaves at the end of the branches. Branches sometimes appear pink (when leafless or when occluded)

Provides Lumberjacking skill points until 90


Chopped Ash

Blightwood 60/100
Blightwood Tree

Blightwood Tree

Found anywhere in Celador.

Pines with red needles at the end of the branches and leafless tall trees (around the swamp) Branches sometimes appear pink (when leafless or when occluded). Commonly gives ash, rarely gives blightwood.

Can start gaining at 60 skill and work your way to 100 Lumberjacking.


Chopped Blightwood

NPC Trainers[ | ]

The following NPCs can train your lumberjack skill to 30 for 300 Gold:

Profession Guide[ | ]

Here are the steps to complete for each tier of the Lumberjack Profession:

Introduction[ | ]

Note: This step can be skipped through the profession panel if the player already has 30.0 or greater skill.

  • Speak to a Woodsmith
  • Reward: Skill increase to 30.0 Lumberjack

Apprentice[ | ]

  • Speak to a Woodsmith
  • Chopping Celador. Amass 400 Wood.

Reward: Light Hatchet

Reward: Allows Crafting orders

Journeyman[ | ]

  • Increase damage with Slashing and Lancing weapons by 5%

Master[ | ]

  • Increase damage with Slashing and Lancing weapons by 10%

Grandmaster[ | ]

  • Increase damage with Slashing and Lancing weapons by 15%

Tips[ | ]

  • There is currently no way to tell an Ash tree from a Blightwood tree.
  • Every time a red tree (those that give ash and blightwood) is cut, a normal tree somewhere else in the world will become red. This means that after that someone has passed and cutted all red looking trees in an area, that area will mostly respawn with normal wood trees. The highest concentration of red trees is found in areas normally rich with trees, like blackforest, just after a server reset. Alternatively, look for areas with a lot of trees that are rarely visited by players.
  • The last points of lumberjack can be quite hard to skill, since blightwood is rare. The best way to do that once you reach 80~ skill is to get the "Cut Ancient tree" missions from the resource dispatcher. You can take up to three at the same time, and he will generate a new set of missions every time you speak with him. Try to get 3 Ancient Tree missions that are in the same area. You will also get a few coins and it counts toward completing the daily quest.
  • Naldren in Valus gives you a Deft Hatchet in exchange for 100 Ash Woods. You can repeat this mission every 3 hours.