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Magical Attunement is a mage skill that increases damage to offensive Evocation spells, or healing to Manifestation spells when a player is holding a Staff or Wand.

  • Magical Attunement damage bonus only works while holding Staff/staves and Wands.
  • Attuned staves and wands grant an amount of spell power based on a combination of the item’s quality and your Magical Attunement skill.
  • Attuned staves and wands drop throughout the world, and cannot currently be crafted or enchanted.
  • Staves and wands grant evasion when worn based on your magic skills, just as spellbooks do.
  • Players gain Magical Attunement skill by equipping an attuned staff or wand and casting spells.


Magical Attunement cannot be trained from an NPC. To train Magic Attunement the player must be equipped with a Staff or Wand.

Magical Attunement Training Guide
Spell Gain Range
Mana Missile 0.0 - 20.0
Cure 20.0 - 25.0
Teleport 25.0 - 45.0
Greater Heal 45.0 - 64.0
Cloak 64.0 - 84.0
Portal 84.0 - 100.0