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Skill MagicalAttunement

Magical Attunement is a mage skill that increases damage to offensive Evocation spells, or healing to Manifestation spells when a player is holding a Staff or Wand.

  • Magical Attunement damage bonus only works while holding Staff/staves and Wands.
  • Attuned staves and wands grant an amount of spell power based on a combination of the item’s quality and your Magical Attunement skill.
  • Attuned staves and wands drop throughout the world, and cannot currently be crafted or enchanted.
  • Staves and wands grant evasion when worn based on your magic skills, just as spellbooks do.
  • Players gain Magical Attunement skill by equipping an attuned staff or wand and casting spells.

Training[ | ]

Magical Attunement cannot be trained from an NPC. To train Magic Attunement the player must be equipped with a Staff or Wand.

Magical Attunement Training Guide
Spell Gain Range
Mana Missile 0.0 - 20.0
Cure 20.0 - 25.0
Teleport 25.0 - 45.0
Greater Heal 45.0 - 64.0
Cloak 64.0 - 84.0
Portal 84.0 - 100.0