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Martial Prowess

Martial Prowess is a combat skill that was introduced in Early Access v0.9.0..

Martial Prowess determines the effectiveness of martial abilities and offers a damage bonus with melee and ranged weapons.

The Martial skills use Bloodlust as a resource. There is no stat tied to Bloodlust.

A character can gain Rage points by inflicting and suffering damage when under the effect of the Bloodlust ability(see below). Damage inflicted through spells will not give Bloodlust, but damage suffered by spells will. The same applies to Sorcerer Powers. Ranged weapons will give Bloodlust when inflicting damage.

The Martial Book[ | ]

The martial abilities are accessed through the Martial Book.

When you create a character with the Martial Prowess skill, you will start with the book. Else, you can buy it from the scribe of any city for 200 Gold.

Martial Book

The book is blessed, it will never break and will not drop on dead.

No scrolls are necessary for the Martial Abilities, the book contains all the skills.

Open Martial Book

By double clicking on the book you will be presented with the list of the martial abilities that you can use. The following table lists the abilities:

Martial Abilities
Ability Cost Difficulty Cooldown Description
Bloodlust 10 Stamina 1 1 Second Upon activation, you will start generating bloodlust when inflicting or suffering damage.
Taunt 5 Bloodlust 2 8 Seconds Taunts an enemy, making it more likely that he will attack you. Useful when in group.
Vengeance 50 Health 3 60 Seconds Immediately generates 25 bloodlust at the cost of 50 Health.
Defiance 25 Bloodlust 4 1 Second Similar to Taunt, but will affect enemies in a large area around you. Use with care.
Intimidation 40 Bloodlust 5 1 Second Intimidates enemies around you reducing the attack speed is reduced by 20%. It also affecs enemy players.
Enrage 20 Bloodlust 6 8 Second Increase damage by 50% for 8 seconds, but prevents any form of healing for the duration. The bonus damage also works against other players.
Execute All Bloodlust (minimum 10) 7 1 Second Consumes all your bloodlust to immediately inflict damage on the current target. The target must be under 30% of health to be a valid target.

If equipped with a bow, it becomes a ranged attack. Works against other players.

Shield Wall 40 Bloodlust 7 12 Seconds Reduces damage taken from physical hits by a percentage which depends on your Blocking skill.
Nemesis 50 Bloodlust 8 20 Seconds Makes the target a preferred enemy. This effects lasts until you leave the region, or you select another nemesis. On the enemies of the same type

of your preferred target, you will inflict 50% more damage with all weapon attacks, but attacks from enemies of different types will inflict 50% more

damage on you. Does not work on other players and the damage of other players is not increased.

Damage Bonus[ | ]

Martial Prowess gives a % bonus to attack based on your skill level giving a 100% bonus when you are GM in the skill. This bonus is added to the one given by strenght, Vigor and weapons bonuses.

The damage provided by the Enrage and Nemesis skills is not added to this bonus, but is a multiplier applied at the end of the calculation. This means that activating Enrage and Nemesis will double the damage output.

Training Guide[ | ]

See page: Training Guides