Legends of Aria Wiki

There are 4 types of living mounts:

When you use a Saddle on a tamed or bought mount it will become a statue in your backpack, which can be used to mount your horse. When you dismount a saddled mount will return to your backpack as a statue. Saddles do not currently work on Giant Beetles.

Summon Ethereal Mount[]


Use the Summon Mount spell will summon a one use Ethereal Horse. Upon dismount the mount disappears. Mages can summon horses and target who to give the mount to.


Summon Mount Potion now summons a 1 time use Ethereal Horse in the same way Summon Mount spell does. Once you dismount your summoned horse it disappears.

Extra Mount[]

Tamers who have a high enough taming skill can tame a Dread which is able to be used as a mount and does not require a saddle.