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Musicianship is part of the Bard Profession. It works in conjunction with the Entertainment skill and allows users to play instruments well.

Playing Music[ | ]

To play music you need to use one of three instruments.

Abilities[ | ]

When an instrument is equipped you gain the use of the following abilities:

Ability Effect
Play Other players to listen to the bard and their band members when in an inn.
Solo the bard attempts to add a flurry to their song and has a chance to increase the vitality gain of nearby players when in an inn.

Listening to Music[ | ]

When a bard uses one of the abilities while in a towns Inn it will replenish the listening players vitality. Players that are listening to bards can also tip the musicians with gold.

Songs[ | ]

As well as abilities musicianship makes use of a Song Book that contains a number off songs and riddles that can affect allies and enemies.

Training[ | ]

To train musicianship you must use songs and riddles from a Song Book. You can gain while songs are playing. Begin playing the next song once you hit the minimum level. See Entertainment.

For ease of training, you can set up a /macro that repeats your song activation every 5000ms. Going AFK while doing this, you can get to 100 without actually needing to be there. (Only works for musicianship)

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