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Musicianship is part of the Bard Profession. It works in conjunction with the Entertainment skill and allows users to play instruments well.

Playing Music

To play music you need to use one of three instruments.


When an instrument is equipped you gain the use of the following abilities:

Ability Effect
Play Other players to listen to the bard and their band members when in an inn.
Solo the bard attempts to add a flurry to their song and has a chance to increase the vitality gain of nearby players when in an inn.

Listening to Music

When a bard uses one of the abilities while in a towns Inn it will replenish the listening players vitality. Players that are listening to bards can also tip the musicians with gold.


As well as abilities musicianship makes use of a Song Book that contains a number off songs and riddles that can affect allies and enemies.


To train musicianship you must use songs and riddles from a Song Book. You can gain while songs are playing. Begin playing the next song once you hit the minimum level. See Entertainment.

For ease of training, you can set up a /macro that repeats your song activation every 5000ms. Going AFK while doing this, you can get to 100 without actually needing to be there. (Only works for musicianship)

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