Legends of Aria Wiki
Type Quest Giver
Location Valus

Naldren is the mission dispatcher for the League of Procurers. He is located in Valus.


Naldren will offer you missions for the League of Procurers.

The missions will ask for materials that can be gathered using the gathering skills or found around the world.

The rewards for these missions is usually favor with the League of Procurers.

There are 4 notable exceptions though:

"And my Axe?" will reward you a Deft Hatchet "And my Pick?" will reward you a Deft Mining Pick "And my Rod?" will reward you a Deft Rod

These tools are enchanced versions of the normal tools, and will harvest the resources faster.

"Recipe Exchange" is a very peculiar mission. It will ask for any recipe, and the reward will be another random recipe. Good to recycle useless recipes.