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Nicodemus the Alchemist
Type Vendor, Trainer
Location Eldeir Village
Trains skills Alchemy

Nicodemus the Alchemist is an alchemy vendor located in Eldeir Village. An Alchemy Table is located next to his stall. He trains the Alchemy skill.

Items for sale[]

Item Price
Ginseng 4 gold
Lemon Grass 4 gold
Moss 5 gold
Mushroom 5 gold
Lesser Heal Potion 9 gold
Lesser Stamina Potion 9 gold
Lesser Mana Potion 9 gold


I see you have already spoken to Legas. I am Nicodemus the Alchemist, mage and purveyor of magical implements here in the village. I can supply all your needs with regard to the arcane arts. Take a look at the various items I have in stock, and let it be known that all who seek knowledge are welcome here.

  • Okay.