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Related skill Manifestation
Mana cost 52
Reagent 1 Moss
Cast on a marked rune to summon a portal for magical travel. Cannot be used in Dungeons, or inside player housing.

Portal is a manifestation spell. It requires the Portal Scroll to be memorized before it can be used or can be cast by directly using a Portal Scroll, this consumes the scroll.

Usage & Limitations

To use the spell, cast it on a Teleportation Rune in your inventory, and upon successful cast, will create a portal to the location marked on the rune.

Portals are two-way, and as such, can be entered from either side, except when created in Black Forest or Barren Lands.

Portal can also be cast directly from a Runebook.

Portals can also give a context menu with two options when right clicked Dispel and Activate. Dispel will remove both portals when selected and Activate simply uses the portal.

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