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The information in this article is up-to-date as of version Early Access v0.8.7.

When used give various effects
Weight: 1

Potions are a consumable used to restore health, stamina or mana. Their are some potions that cure poisons or negative effects such as mortal wound.

Some potions can be looted from Mobs and some can be crafted using the Alchemy Skill

Potion Types[]

Below is a table with all the different potions and their effect.

Potion Effect
Lesser Heal Potion Instantly heal 50 hp
Heal Potion Instantly heal 100 hp
Greater Heal Potion Instantly heal 200 hp
Lesser Mana Potion Instantly restores 25 Mana
Mana Potion Instantly restores 40 mana
Greater Mana Potion Instantly restores 80 mana
Lesser Stamina Potion Instantly restores 20 Stamina
Stamina Potion Instantly restores 40 Stamina
Greater Stamina Potion Instantly restores 60 stamina
Cure Potion Cures the user of poison
Etherealize Potion Turns a Horse into an Ethereal Horse Statue
Mending Potion Cures the user of Mortal or bleed strike
Elixir of Holding* Temporarily adds 200 to max weight capacity

*Obtained from Allegiance Vendor only