Legends of Aria Wiki

The premium subscription in Legends of Aria is an optional monthly subscription that gives a number of perks to players accounts. It was introduced in September 2019 after the early access release on Steam.

How to get a Premium Subscription[]

If a player wishes to get a premium subscription in the following ways:

  • Players with pre-steam accounts can use the [Dashboard] on the Legends of Aria website to pay monthly
  • Players with Steam accounts can buy 1,3,6 and 12 month subscriptions from the In-Game Store. (Players from pre-steam can also purchase this way)

Premium Perks[]

The perks you get from having a premium subscription are:

  • Can own a second Housing plot.
  • Free Taxes on plots.
  • Extra character slot per server.
  • Weekly In-Game Store currency (Gems).

Second House Plot[]

If you have a premium subscription and make use of the second plot allowance you will have an option to choose which one is your primary plot by default a player’s first plot is the primary one.

If a player stops their premium subscription for any reason you will have a 1 week grace period and then the plot that is not marked as the primary plot will be entered into the auction cycle as if you had not paid Tax on it.

Free Taxes[]

With a premium subscription players get free taxes on their housing plots. If a player stops their premium subscription for any reason they will have to start paying taxes on their plot. If the tax cycle starts and there is not enough to cover the cost of the tax their plot will go into the auction cycle.

Extra Character Slot[]

The extra character slot which is the 5th character slot on Crimson Sea or Amber Moon and the 9th Character slot on Ethereal Mountain is available to those who have a premium subscription. When a player stops their premium subscription for any reason they will lose access to the extra character slot. However if they resubscribe they will gain access to any character that has been created on the slot.


With a premium subscription players are given 100 Gems per week that can be used for the In-Game Store. If a player stops their premium subscription for any reason they will stop receiving their allowance of gems, however they will not lose those that have already been given.

Reward Tiers[]

Legends of Aria also offers Premium Reward Tiers based on how many months of subscription you have paid for. Each tier offers an exclusive reward that can only be redeemed one time on one character. If you cancel your subscription, your reward tier is not lost and will continue to gain if you choose to purchase a subscription again in the future.

The Tiers are listed below:

Tier Subscribed Months Reward
Tier 1 1 Month Exclusive Blessed Cloak
Tier 2 3 Months Citizen Pass
Tier 3 6 Months Savage Horse Mount Statue (Blessed)
Tier 4 12 Months War Bear Mount Statue (Blessed)
Tier 5 18 Months Royal Llama Mount Statue (Blessed)