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Scale Helm
Scale Helm
Heavy Armor

A Scale Helm is standard armor for the head which requires Heavy Armor. Equipping any piece of Scale Armor will result in a two-point penalty to Agility. While there are currently no values listed in game, scale armor providers better protection than chain armor, but less than full plate[1].


Scale Helms can be crafted through Blacksmithing with the following materials:

Material Skill Quantity Durability
Iron 49 2 55
Copper 54 2 80
Gold 59 2 130
Cobalt 64 2 180
Obsidian 69 2 230


Scale Helm currently cannot the purchased from any vendors.

Looted From[]

Scaled armor can be looted from the following mobs:

Scale armor looted from mobs has a durability of 30.


  1. https://www.legendsofaria.com/point-release-1-january-18th-2018/ Legends of Aria: "Chain and Scale now have lower agility penalties and corresponding lower defense."