Resurrection Shrine

Res icon.jpg Resurrection Shrines are static locations scattered throughout Celador that provide a place for recently deceased players to recover their body. They are identified by a symbol (right) on the mini map. This icon only appears while dead. The stone itself resembles a large Adder Stone that glows with a blue light. There are also shrines outside major Towns that resemble a statue of an angel surrounded by a fountain. Currently, to use a resurrection shrine, a player must run as a ghost to the shrine and get within range. As soon as they are close enough, a window will appear asking if they wish to resurrect. There is no penalty or cost of resurrection at a shrine - other than the cost of lost gear if killed and looted by a player.


When a player is slain they have the option to release their spirit which will teleport them to a nearby shrine if the player does not chose to release or is not resurrected within 30 seconds they will be automatically teleported to a nearby shrine.

The Player can then choose to be resurrected and then will be brought back to life with nothing on them but items that are blessed.

Outcast Shrine

Outcast Shrines function as a Resurrection Shrine for Outcasts and are only found in the Wilderness. They are visually identical to a standard resurrection shrine, except they glow red instead of blue.


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