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Sorcery allows players to utilize forbidden magic from the Monolith. Requires DLC.

Weapons may only be obtained from the Monolith Dungeon as drops or from the Bazaar/Vendors or other players.

The Monolith was designed for groups and is difficult to solo alone.

Right click your equipped sorcery weapon and click activate to use sorcery and access your sorcery spells.

Sorcery uses Summoning to summon wisps, which it uses as its resource to cast its spells.

Other players cannot heal you while using sorcery.

Sorcery Spells[ | ]

Icon Sorcery Spells Spell Summary Minimum Level Cooldown
Affliction Affliction Shoots a wisp at the target, stacking them with the debuff Afflication (maximum of 3 stacks).

Afflicted targets will take increased Echo damage.

0 <1s
Summon wisp chaser Summon: Wisp Chaser Consumes 1 wisp to summon a Chasers to fight alongside you for 20 seconds. Only four foxes

can be summoned at any given time.

20 <1s
Wisp armor Wisp Armor Consume all available wisps, giving you a shield that absorbs 40 damage for each wisp. Shields

can prevent spell interrupt but are immediately consumed.

30 20
Echofall Echofall Consumes a wisp to summon a ball of echo energy that falls at the targeted location dealing 25-50

Echo damage, based on your sorcery skill, within a 3 meter radius.

50 <1s
Summon construct Summon: Construct Consumes 2 wisps to summon a Construct to fight alongside you for 40 seconds. Only 2 constructs

can be summoned at any given time.

80 <1s
Echo beam Echo Beam Consumes a wisp and projects an echo beam in the direction you are facing dealing Echo damage.

Enemies that stand in the beam take increased damage the longer they are in it. Your movement

speed is greatly reduced.

90 3

Training[ | ]

Use the below range level table to gain sorcery.

Range Level Sorcery Spell
0-20 Cast Afflication
20-50 Cast Summon: Wisp Chasers until you have 4. Then cast Afflication until until you can cast more wisps.
50-80 Cast Echofall.
80-90 Cast Summon: Construct until you have 2. Then cast Echofall until you can cast more constructs.
90-100 Cast Echo Beam.

You can also train up to 100 with wisp chasers. There is no need to follow that table. It is not even sure that it makes any difference.

You will receive a message "Cannot summon that right" now when you are at your maximum level of wisp chasers and constructs.