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The information in this article is up-to-date as of version Early Access v0.8.2.

Sells for 0 gold

The Spellbook is an item that holds spell scrolls permanently. It means that you can cast spells from your spellbook using reagents and your scrolls will not be consumed in the process. Spellbooks bought from NPCs are empty and need to be filled with the spell scrolls you want. Players can sell spellbooks filled with spells.



Spellbooks can be crafted through inscription with 15 skill and the following materials:


Spellbooks can be purchased for 200 Gold from vendors.

Defensive bonus[]

Wearing a spellbook provides the same defending chance as wielding a weapon with a corresponding weapon skill.

Instead of a weapon skill it's based on your Evocation or Manifestation.

I.e. enemies will miss hitting you more often if you're holding your spellbook.