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A spell is a magical effect a character can cast either from their spellbook or via an inscription scroll. There are two schools of magic: evocation, which governs offensive and combat spells, and manifestation which includes healing and utility magic.

The character's ability to cast a spell is governed by their Magery skill level. Spells consume mana and reagents when successfully cast. Failing to cast a spell results in a fizzle, and only consumes the reagent.

If a spell is cast from a scroll it will take longer than normal cast time unless the character has reached GM Inscription and completed the GM Inscription Quest. Also using a scroll does not use any mana and no skill restriction applies.

A character can move while casting the spell; however, the character will move slower than walking. The cast duration is based on the spell difficulty. Taking damage while casting a spell has a chance to interrupt the spell cast. The only spells that won't dismount a character off a horse is Portal and Mark.

After casting is complete, but before choosing a target, the caster is free to move around (also referred to as "pre-casting").

All spells have around a 12-meter range, slightly less than Archery bows.

Another flavor element that can be used to detect which spell is being cast is the spell circle graphic that appears at the caster's hands while casting a spell. Most of the Evocation spells use an orange or red circle (with the exception of Rock Bombardment, which has a purple one), and most of the Manifestation spells use a blue or green circle.

Evocation Spells[]

Spells of the Evocation school deal with damaging foes. The damage dealt by evocation spells is scaled by the caster's Magery, Magic Affinity, Intelligence and Magic Attunement.

Icon Spell Name Difficulty Reagent Mana
Manamissilebutton.jpg Mana Missile 1 Lemon Grass 4 0.75 Shoots an arcane missile that does damage to the target on impact.
Spell evoc ruin.png Ruin 2 Moss 6 1.00 Harm your opponent. Does increased damage at melee range (guaranteed spell interrupt)
Spell evoc fireball.png Fireball 3 Lemon Grass 9 1.25 Shoots a flaming ball that does fire damage to the target on impact.
Spell evoc poison.png Poison 3 Mushrooms 9 1.25 Poisons the target dealing damage over time and reducing healing.
Spell evoc lightning.png Lightning 4 Moss 11 1.5 Lightning strikes the target doing instant direct damage.
Spell evoc walloffire.png Wall of Fire 4 Lemon Grass 11 1.5 Creates a wall of fire between 2 points. Mana cost is based per tile.
Frostsymbol.jpg Ray Of Frost 5 Lemon Grass 14 1.5 Shoots a ray of frost that does damage on impact.

Also applies chilled which slows by 50% for a small time.

Spell evoc rockbombardment.png Rock Bombardment 6 Mushrooms 20 2.0 Launch a large boulder towards the target. (damage is dealt after a 3 second delay)
Spell evoc energybolt.png Energy Bolt 6 Moss 20 2.0 Shoot a bolt of energy at your opponent.
Spell evoc meteor.png Meteor 7 Lemon Grass 40 2.25 Bombards the target location with a meteor, doing a sizeable amount of damage. (AoE damage)
Earthquakebutton.jpg Earthquake 8 Lemon Grass 100 5.0 Shakes the earth around the caster dealing damage.

Manifestation Spells[]

Spells of the Manifestation school deal with healing and utility magic. The power of Manifestation spells does not scale and the spells are always cast at full power.

Icon Spell Name Difficulty Reagent Mana


Refresh.PNG Refresh 1 Lemon Grass 20% Sacrifices up to 20% of casters max mana in exchange for 25%-75% of that amount in stamina.
Heal.png Heal 1 Ginseng 4 Heals the target.
Infuse.PNG Infuse 1 Lemon Grass 0 Sacrifices up to 20% of casters max stamina in exchange for 25%-75% of that amount in mana.
Regenfocus.png Cure 2 Ginseng 6 Cures the target of poison.
Teleport.png Teleport 3 Ginseng 14 Teleports to the target location.
Greaterheal.png Greater Heal 4 Ginseng 11 Greatly heals the target instantly.
ChargeRunebook.png Charge Runebook 5 Magical Essence 50 Adds 5 recall charges to a runebook
Mark.png Mark 5 Mushrooms 50 Inscribes a rune that allows for travel to this location using teleportation.
Cloak.png Cloak 6 Mushrooms 14 Cloaks the target with invisibility.
Resurrect.png Resurrection 7 Moss 50 Resurrects the target instantly.
Summonmountspell.jpg Summon Mount 7 Magical Essence 40 Summons an ethereal mount on the target.
Bindtoportal.png Portal 7 Moss 52 Cast on a marked rune to summon a portal for magical travel. Cannot be used inside Dungeons.
Wardevilspellpic.png Ward:Evil 8 Ginseng, Lemon Grass 50 Place a ward that will alert you when one red character passes through the ward. Lasts 10 minutes, only 1 Ward: Evil can be active at a time.
Picture of Ward: Hidden Spell Icon
Ward: Hidden 8 Moss, Lemon Grass 50 Place a ward that will alert you of someone hidden and also reveal them. Lasts 10 minutes, only 1 Ward: Hidden can be active at a time