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Summoning increases the number of wisps a sorcerer can summon. Wisps are used for the Sorcery skill. Requires DLC.

Wisps are automatically summoned after a period of time while a sorcery weapon is equipped/activated and under your maximum amount of wisps allowed.

Sorcery Weapons with Maximum Wisp Count[ | ]

Sorcery weapons have a maximum wisp count allowed for each specific weapon.

Weapon Type Max Wisps
Xorian Weapons* 1
Xorian or Xor Battle Weapons* 2
Xorian Battle Drums 3
Orbs 4

* Bows, Staves and Wands fall under the weapons type. Normal would have 1 and Battle versions would have 2.

Summoning Skill Level and Number of Wisps[ | ]

Here is a list of your summoning skill and number of wisps.

Skill Level Number of Wisps
0 1
60 2
90 3
100 4

Training[ | ]

You will gain summoning anytime you summon a wisp. This means anytime you are below your maximum number of wisps allowed.

You can gain summoning while equipping and unequipping a sorcery weapon over and over again without casting a sorcery spell.