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Teleportation Rune
Use this to summon a portal to a marked location.
Weight: 1
Sells for 25 gold

Teleportation Rune is a Blank Rune that a player has cast Mark on, linking it to a specific location in the world for teleportation.

Usage & Restrictions[]

  • There are three ways to use a Teleportation Rune
    • Double-click the rune from your inventory, or right-click on it in your inventory and select bury from the context menu. This opens a portal to the marked location. This method consumes the rune.
    • Cast Portal on the rune. This method does not consume the rune.
    • Place the rune inside of a Runebook and either select recall or portal in the book's options.
  • Portals created by Teleportation Runes are two-way, able to be entered from both sides, except when used in Black Forest or Barren Lands.


Only players can create teleportation runes. Players can trade them to other players or sell them on Vendors.