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Several training guides are available on the respective skill pages, this page serves as a hub for additional or external guides.

Training Guides (Melee and Archery)[]

Legends of Aria New Player Melee Guide[]

by Kurtlicious / Coals McSteel - Complete guide available on google docs

Level Range Monsters
0-30 Purchase Skill, Training Dummy or Sewers.
30 - 55 Graveyard in Eldeir Village, Helm, Valus or Pyros' Landing.
55 - 80 Harpy, Pirates, Trolls, Liches, Hobgoblins, Gargoyle, Giant Beetles. Or go to Corruption.
80 - 100 Vile Spiders, Forest Walkers, Drake, Bugbear (Ground Shakes! Missions).