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Zone Security is a term used to describe how safe a given area of the game world is for players in terms of PvP or PK potential. In Legends of Aria, there exists three states of security: Town (Neutral/Outpost), Guarded, and Wilderness.


List of Towns[]


A town is as it is named: an established location generated by the game engine, rather than players, where you can find NPC Trainers and various other services such as Banks, Crafting Stations and Stables. When in these areas, there will show "Town" below the mini map. There are currently 6 Towns in Legends of Aria.


In addition to Towns, there are Outposts, which follow slightly different rules from Towns. Currently, there are only two Outposts, but more may be added in the future. When in these areas, there will show "Neutral" beneath the mini map.


Worthy of note is that a small area around every Gate is considered Neutral. Unlawful actions here will result in an insant-kill as described below.


In terms of player protection, Towns and Outposts (Neutral) function almost identically. Unprovoked attack will result in Town Guard aggression or instant-death. Attacking anyone who is not an Aggressor will result in a bolt of lightning hitting the attacking player for 5,000 damage. Towns (listed above) will not tolerate Outcasts within their borders, and any that get too close will draw the ire of the guards. Outposts, on the other hand, have no issue allowing Outcasts in their midst, but will not tolerate violence, even against other Outcasts, unless the attacker is a Victim of an Aggressor. Town Guards will also attack any hostile Animals that roam too close.



Guarded areas encompass all regions of the game, except Barren Lands and Dungeon Deception. Aggression or Unlawfulness of any kind in Guarded areas will spawn a powerful Guardian Order NPC capable of killing most players in 1 attack. Entering a Guarded area will show "Guarded" under the mini map.



The Wilderness is aptly named, for here, anything goes. Anyone can be attacked, and your possessions can be stolen. The Wilderness is the default home for Outcasts, and many choose to build homes in it's vast expanses. However, unlike player housing in Guarded areas, unsecured containers in the Wilderness are open to looting without repercussion. Items that are locked down or on sale by Merchant are still safe from casual looting, however, it is unknown whether merchants will be attackable in the future. Despite these dangers, however, many players of all alignments brave the Wilderness for its resources and treasures, and at some point, almost every Skill requires time spent in Wilderness locations to gain Grandmastery. Wilderness zones have a higher availability of rare ore, and monsters drop 150% gold compared to their protected counterparts.